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Born in Singapore, Lao Hung Jia (LHJ) has since whetted Singaporean appetite for more than 25 years. Hainanese Chicken Rice has been crowned Singapore’s national dish. It is a sensational, must-eat dish that can be found anywhere in Singapore; from hawker stalls to hotel restaurants.

From farm to table, LHJ totally grasp hold of the essentials to this satisfying dish. We have evolved from traditional chicken farming to automated poultry processing, to this stage, we are a growing chicken rice business. We uphold the belief that choosing the right ingredients supplier partner is a critical point to perfecting LHJ Chicken Rice.

LHJ embraces the disruptive nature of modern technologies. While we charge ahead by moving traditional business to the next new level, we continue to conceptualize and further develop and refine our Chicken Rice business to be the trend setter for the next generation hawker.

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LHJ Chicken Rice
Omitting all the unhealthy elements like bad fats or lard, we include only pure chicken goodness into our LHJ Chicken Rice. Forgoing the usual way of stir-frying rice with fatty chicken skin, in LHJ, we have our new cooking technique to retain the chicken rice fragrance, at the same time, to hold its wholesomeness and nutritional values.
LHJ Steamed White Chicken
We use only fresh chicken from local slaughtering house. The chicken is prepared with the perfect timing to reach its perfect stage for peak juiciness and tenderness. The secret of our yummylicious LHJ Steamed White Chicken? shhhhhh… It’s our Deep Cold Cooling method!
LHJ Chilli Sauce
Our LHJ Chili Sauce is a rave factor. Secret ingredient is added to give the sauce an extra edge. LHJ Chili Sauce is prepared fresh, with uniquely blend of chili and other handpicked ingredients, made to go perfectly with our LHJ Steamed White Chicken.
LHJ Special Soya Sauce
A formula that has been refined by the LHJ Founder through his 30 years of research. LHJ Special Soya Sauce’s flavor blends into our Steamed White Chicken, hence a creation of taste that makes you want to come back for more.
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LHJ Chicken Rice started in our old humble chicken rice stall in Yung Sheng Food Centre, which had been demolished and rebuilt into TAMAN JURONG MARKET & FOOD CENTRE.

Being the 1st hawker centre in Singapore, Yung Sheng Food Centre was built back in 1971 as a part of the Singapore government program to resettle street food vendors into properly managed and sanitized facility. Yung Sheng Food Centre was a success as it led to major improvements in food preparation standards and saw steady stream of regular diners showing up in a single venue. Over the next two decades, more similar facilities were built. 

Read more: https://singaporemagazine.sif.org.sg/next-gen-hawkers

Key Success

Our LHJ Chili Sauce is the ultimate rave factor. One would ask why? A highly guarded family secret ingredient has been added into the sauce to give it's extra edge. LHJ Chili Sauce is freshly prepared with unique blend of chili and other handpicked ingredients, that goes perfect with our LHJ Steamed White Chicken and other LHJ dishes.

You may also like to know that chili, by itself acts as detoxifiers that help to remove waste products from our body and increase nutrients supply to bodily tissues. Chili is also known as gastrointestinal detoxifier through improving food digestion.

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